Fiction 43

She coughs, as silently as she can, so she doesn’t wake him up.

He turns, and places a hand upon her wrist. “You okay? he asks, his voice as soothing as his touch.

“Yeah, I am.” she replies. “Am sorry, did I wake you up?”

“Naah. You know me. I wake up only when want to. Even an earthquake wouldn’t wake me up if I didn’t want to.”

“Yeah yeah. Now wake up, no? Am bored!”

“Okay.” he stirs, rubbing his sleep laden eyes.

“Oh God” she thinks to herself.  “Why does he have to be so cute with that bed head?”

“There should be a law against too much cuteness.” she says out loud.

“Yeah? Sue me then!” he winks.

“So full of yourself, aren’t you?” she laughs.

“Why does the sun have to be so bright in the morning?” he mumbles, trying to open his eyes.

“Err. Because it’s the sun and because it’s morning?” she ruffles his hair.

“That tone is very familiar.”

“That’s because am learning from the best.”  she giggles. “Anyway, am making Coffee and Maggi. With eggs. ”

“Nice.” he replies. “I’ll be out, having a smoke.”

“I’ll bring breakfast out there.”

Five minutes later, she walks out. He’s on his second smoke, and stubs it out when he sees her walk out.

“You don’t have to do that, you know. ” she smiles. “I smoke too, sometimes.”

“Both of us know why you smoke. So let’s not go there. Any way, am really really sorry.”

“For what?”

“Maggi. I’m being such a bad host. Maggi, and you’re having to make it.”

“It’s okay. I love Maggi. And cooking for you. God, I sound like such an idiot!”

“No one who says exactly what is on their mind can ever be an idiot.” He laughs. “Especially, you!”


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