Fiction 40

“Hello…” he mumbles.

“Hi!” she giggles.

“You do realize it is three in the morning?”

“Yeah, so? I can’t sleep… Talk to me.”

Now? About what?”

“Anything. Let’s talk about the significance of Man on this Earth.”

“Are you drunk? You really expect me to talk nonsense now?”

“Okay. You want me to hang up?”

“No. You talk. I’ll listen. Knowing you,  there will be no dearth of topics in the universe that you need to talk about.”

“Sigh. You know me so well.”

“Listen, just got a text. I gotta go. A friend’s father has had a heart attack. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Sigh. Forever the Agony Uncle aren’t you?”

A long pause later, he asks, very softly, very unlike him… “I’ll ask you something?”

“Sure. You know you can.” she smiles.

“Who’ll take care of me, da?”

Silently, wiping a tear from her eye, she says “I will. All you have to do is say the word, and I’ll be there. Now go!” she hangs up quickly, because she doesn’t want him to hear her cry.


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