Fiction 38

“Why do you have to be out of town? I’m coming there today.” she wails.

“It’s not my fault you chose to come back when am away!” he laughs.

“Acha, Okay. Let’s do one thing – I’ll drive down to wherever you are, grab a hug and then drive back?”

“Err. No. I don’t even know where I’ll be staying or what time I’ll reach. Am still on the highway now.”

Please let me come there?”

“You know once I’ve said no it means no. And just because you are mental to do such nonsense doesn’t mean I have to be too.”

“Try it, it’s nice. Sanity is overrated, I’m telling you!”

“One of us has to be sane. And I’d rather be the sane person, than be you right now.”

“Okay. Talk for some time?”

“I told you am driving. Let me call you back when I stop for a break.”

An hour passes. Then two.

“Hi! You reached?” she giggles.

“Why are you so happy?”

“Because you called!”

“So, now tell. What did you want to talk about?”

“Nothing. Just wanted to say you were sleeping so peacefully when I was about to leave, that I didn’t feel like waking you up for a good-bye hug. I watched you for a while…You’re so cute when you’re asleep.”

“I know.”

“How would you know? You were asleep.”

“No that’s what you think. It felt nice to be watched over, for a change.” he smiles.

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