Fiction 37

“Hmm..” he says, eyeing her. “You’ve lost weight.”

“Yeah, I’ve been working out. I lost a whole kilo!”

“No.. a lot more, I think. Put it back on.”

“What? Why?”

“Err… because you were fine like that?”

“You’re the only one who’s said that to me, you do realize that?

“Like I effing care. I speak the truth.”

“Hmm…” she says, curling up next to him…”Tell me a story…”

“Once, there was a Don.” he says. “He was sleepy…”

“Then?” she asks.

“He slept. End of story.”

“Shee! That’s not how you tell a story. If there is a Don, there has to be a moll,  there should be booze, and smokes and all that.”

“A don means all of that stuff.” he smiles.

“Then you should say all that stuff. Not just say there was a Don.”

“Okie. New story?

“Yes, please.” She giggles.

“Once there was a crow.”

“Okay.. Then?”

“It was black.”

“Ah, okay.”

“It had feathers.”

“Bah! Go on…”

“It had wings.”

“This is getting sooo boring!”

“Purpose solved.” he laughs. “Now go to sleep. Also remember, you’re beautiful. Anyone who doesn’t appreciate that is a retard.”


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