Fiction 36

“Stop rolling your eyes at me. I know I talk nonsense, but its just that my brain to mouth filter malfunctions when am talking to you!”

He laughs. That infamous disarming laugh.

“Am telling you, am going to pout and get angry and all.”

“Good luck.” He smirks.

“Can I ask you something? she says.

“If you’re asking for permission, its may!”

“Oh, you’re correcting my English now?”

And the famous silence prevails.

“Anyway, forget that, go accept my friend request on Facebook. Like now! What if I die tomorrow?  Do you want me to come haunt you? I can be a very mean ghost… When you’re smoking, suddenly the ciggie will die. When you’re having a drink, the drink will start disappearing. Imagine. Do you really want that to happen?”

Laughing, he says “This, I gotta see!”

“Err, I have to die first, for that to happen. But seriously, are you not scared of me? At all?”

“Of course I am.” he says “See how am shivering?”

“Very funny. Anyway, getting back to the point. Open browser, go to, hit friend requests, you’ll find one from a cute girl, pending. Hit accept. Tada!”

“Cute girl?”

“Yes, the one and only.” she flutters her eyelashes.

He pretends to look into his BlackBerry. “17 cute girl requests. Which one do I accept?”

“You’re such a pain. You do know that right?”

“But yet, you stick around. Why?”

“I don’t know – Maybe I am a glutton for punishment.” she smiles.


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