Fiction 32

He hands over her drink to her.

“Ahan, that’s a surprise. You never share two things. Your drink, and your smokes.”

“Oh, just shut the eff up and drink it.”

“So, why are you breaking your rules for me?”

“No reason.”

“You like me, don’t you?”

“Naah, Not really.”

“You’re scared of me.”

“Yes, see how am shivering?”

“Speaking of shivering, I am, now. Have a smoke on you?”

“Nope. Last one.”  And he hands over the half smoked cigarette.

Thank you.”


“Don’t what? she smiles.

“Start off with – you’re so cute. You broke another one of your rules, for me.

“But you are!”

“I am not.”

“Okay. Sweet?”

“How about macho?”


“What ha? No one has spoken to me this way and has gotten away with it.”

“Oh yeah? So what will you do? Kill me?”

And he envelops her in a hug. “Don’t ever talk of dying, okay? It is not funny.”


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