Fiction 31

Acha, listen, promise me something?” she asks.


“Not like this – give me your hand and then do it.”

“Okay.” He says, and extends his hand, for her to hold.

And five minutes pass. And then ten.

“I thought you wanted me to promise you something.” he whispers.

“Nah, not really. I just needed a bahaana to hold your hand. That’s all.” she giggles.

“You’re impossible.” he sighs. “What am I going to do with you?”

Achaar dalo.”


“Nothing. Your hindi sucks”

“Nonsense. Tum joot bol rahi ho. Muje hindi bahuth accha maaloom hai…”

And the infamous giggles start.

“Are you drunk?” he asks.

“Yes, drunk on your loouuve.”


“Don’t get angry now. You know I was only kidding.” she says.

“Me? Angry? I never get angry. I don’t even know what anger is!”

“Yeah right. If I combine your name and anger, it will become an oxymoron no?” she asks.

“Why are you calling me a moron, now?”

She sighs. And wraps him in a bear hug. “What am I going to do with you?”

2 thoughts on “Fiction 31

  1. Ok, I tried reading all 31 together and could not discern a pattern to them… So…. Is the end of your fiction series going to be like one of those movies where at the end your character wakes up and reveals these were all snippets from her past that she was dreaming about?


    1. That is the whole point, that there is no sequence. 🙂 And don’t do off too much wishful thinking. This series will continue as long as am alive, hopefully…

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