Is it irony or is it fate that most times in life, the thing or the one you’ve been searching all over for was right in front of your nose, and you have been far too preoccupied to see it? Or is it meant to be that way, to make you realize that it isn’t always going to be a happy ending or  a fairy tale life? That there is more to everything than meets the eye? Why does it always seem like the moment you think, this cannot get any worse, life just throws a curve ball at you? Am not talking about my life, per se, but I have been seeing so many instances of this happening around me that nothing seems to make sense anymore.

Not one freaking bit. Sometimes, when I look at someone I feel like asking The One Up Above, if this really needs to happen. If that certain someone needs any more hurt. I mean I understand someone being dealt with a bad hand, but when it happens, time and over again, it just makes me lose faith in everything I believe in. I have never been a pessimistic person nor have I ever thought I’d be  the “glass  half empty” kind of a person. But what does one do when everything you’ve put your faith into, just crumbles? They ask us never to put all our eggs into one basket, but how can you not put all your faith in the one thing that you want to happen, desperately? How can you have faith divided into different baskets, and then be glad that at least some eggs are safe?

It has been one of those days where nothing has made sense. And apart from a few conversations, it has been completely forgettable.  I just want to assume the foetal position, curl up into a ball and go to sleep. But I know that I cannot do that. I need to buck up, plaster that smile, and trudge on, somehow believing that tomorrow’s going to be a better day. And that somewhere, out there lies the answer to everything. But all I need right now is a hug, and some laughter.


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