My 100th Post!

Yes, really! A century. My first! Ok I’ll stop now. Naah. Hundred, dude!

I had no idea I’d ever really blog seriously, until someone told me that the posts that I write make her believe in the fact that there is some good, out there. Her words, not mine ๐Ÿ™‚ . So to you darling, who’s starting afresh with a new life – I dedicate this post. Be happy always.PS. We still have to go do that girls’ night out thing the next time I’m in town. I have the perfect LBD for it.

To N, who lives in freaking Vegas (Vegas, baby!), but still wants to go to Bangalore to have walnut brownies with me. And wants to see our daughters become friends, like us. I dedicate this to you. You are the strongest woman I’ve met, and I hope I can some day be half as strong as you are. Here’s to you and the little angel in your life. Please please come back soon.

To M, who knows when to talk to me and when to listen. Who knows when to hold on and when to let go. Who has silently heard me sob, through the night and has said nothing. Whose patience is admirable. Who still owes me 6 Birthday gifts. Get married soon, you a$$! I need a bahaana to come to Kolkata and eat puchkas!

To A, who manages to make me smile when am about to burst into tears or rip someone’s head off. Who always puts my needs first. Thank you.

Finally, last but not the least, to you, Kanna, for being proud of my achievements, and for supporting me every step of the way. I love you.


8 thoughts on “My 100th Post!

  1. Great as always, but you give me too much credit for no reason. Stop apologizing so much for things, people and events beyond your control and you will be fine.


  2. You DO give too much credit! Thank you girl!
    AND I want to go eat puchkas too don’t forget me ….

    Awww and sho sweet are part of our dictionary …dont let it go. ๐Ÿ˜›

    1. Ayyo -you and the others totally deserve it. Tell that boy to get married so we can all go eat puchkas! And you really think am going to stop saying Aww and sho shweet?

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