And am back …

Yes, hello people! How have you been? I am so sorry I haven’t been around, but I do have valid reasons. Apart from temporary insanity, of course.  Where do I begin? I was sick and in the hospital, came back home and had to again be hospitalized. Nothing serious. Just  some stomach ulcers that needed to be treated. Two misdiagnoses later, I was on the right track. And then, the wisdom tooth chose to appear. And grow in a weird angle that caused the other teeth around to be infected, which needed a root canal treatment and an extraction. I’ll leave out the gory details. Anyway, am all better now and rearing to take on the world again!

Anyway, there is a point to this post. And I am getting there. Harshitha graduates from Nursery today. And will officially be going to “Big School” in a couple of months. I cannot help but think of the times when I’ve held her in just my arm, wondering when she’ll grow up. And now, it just seems like yesterday when she was born. Time does fly, and how! She’s wise beyond her age. I may be biased, but she has this amazing sense of empathy. She knows exactly what I am feeling and can sense a shift in moods. It scares me sometimes, because I get this eerie feeling am actually dealing with an adult in a pint sized body. It is such a blessing to have her. I hope she grows up but doesn’t  lose the  innocence and the light inside her.  God bless you my child.


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