Fiction XXIII

“Can’t you say something nice, for once?”  she pouts.
“Ice cream” he replies.
“You’ve lost it..”
“Where are you going with this?”
“All the things that I said are nice things..”
“Sigh..Anyway.. what are you getting me for Christmas?”
“An appointment with a shrink.”
“I have my shrink on speeddial, thankyouverymuch!”
“Why do you have him on speeddial?”
“I don’t.  I was kidding, now laugh.”
“Ha ha”
“Laugh like you mean it !”
“Anyway, I think you should have him on speeddial..”
“Thank you for the vote of confidence..”
“He’ll quit and go into daily labour jobs.”
She pouts, again. and a tear starts welling up in the corner of her eye.
“No one needs a shrink, especially you .. ” he smiles.
“Aww.. thank you..”
“I changed my mind – you need an electric chair!”

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