Fiction XX

“What does a girl have to do to get a hug around here?” she says.

“Err,  like I said ten times before, I am busy.”

“No one’s too busy for a hug, you know!”

“Whatever. You can keep on talking. I won’t”

“But you’ll listen?”

“I always do. I told you that before, right?”

“But how do I know that you are listening?”

“Because I never not listen.”

“You don’t put double negatives in a sentence child. Sigh. Who was your English teacher?”

“Who was yours?

“Nobody I had a crush on,” she replies.

“Not bad. You remember.”

“I never not remember. Never.” She says. Because remembering anything about him is like breathing. Something she doesn’t even have t to make an effort to do. But to remember where she kept her phone? That is a totally different story.


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