3 and a half years of motherhood – Reminiscing…

So I was talking to this very good friend of mine – after a long time,  and the topic of Harshitha came up – and I told her she turned three a couple of months ago. She was pleasantly surprised and said – but it seemed like only yesterday that you were holding a glass of Sprite and walking all around the office with that huuuge tummy. She was my personal alarm – this friend. She’d come and wake me up when I dozed off after lunch. In my defense  – I was on medication that made me super sleepy, and I did make up for that time after lunch. Google is that kind of a workplace.. Where you get that freedom. Anyway, coming back to the topic at hand, I suddenly realized that my. wee. little. munchkin. is. three. !

Three years! I’m going to sound cliched but it seriously feels like I was this beached whale only yesterday, when people would be scared to even walk ahead of me in case I hit them or something. The emergency room , the doctors, everything was a blur until I saw her. And then, involuntarily, the tears started flowing. We went through five days of hell, but given a choice, I’d go through it all over again…

Each year makes this girl even more lovely, if that is possible. Every day, she turns just a little bit cuter. And just when I think I could not love her more, she says something as heartbreakingly sweet as “I love you, Amma” and I fall in love all over again. I can’t be grateful enough for the joy and the laughter she has brought into my life. I can’t believe she’s in Nursery already. She came home the other day from school and regretfully announced that she has fought with her “hujband”. Where did she pick that up from ? Where is my little baby who used to only gurgle? Who is this brat who tells me that if I dont finish *my* milk, I’ll not grow tall ? Sigh. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time, even if it is just to smell her baby powder + milk + spit one more time.  I know how that sounds, but I still think its the best smell in the whole world to fall asleep to.

And now , I have to run- because the brat needs to be told yet another story. And before I forget, Karma does come back and bite you in the a**. I apparently was such a pain that I was offered bribes just to keep quiet.


6 thoughts on “3 and a half years of motherhood – Reminiscing…

  1. So true…having Cerys a few months after her, I can relate to what it feels like. They will never fail to amuse us. God bless Harshitha

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