Goodbye, dear friend…

You’ve been with me for the last couple of years, supported me in times of pain, stuck to me through thick and thin. I was so scared to let go of you. That I’d not be able to take another step without you around. Without you holding me together, in more ways than one. I was always hesitant about leaving you when I traveled,  always hesitant about depending upon you too much. But I guess it is time for a goodbye. Forever. You are one friend that I really don’t need around any longer. Am stronger now. I can jump, skip and hop and run too. So dear knee-cap – Good bye.  It has been lovely having you around, but I don’t think I need you. Neither does my doctor.

PS. I was standing one day, in  a balcony, in conversation with a dear one when I suddenly realized that I forgot to put on a knee cap for almost four hours. I then realized I could maybe do it for longer. Four hours led to five, seven and I have not worn it in a week now and feel perfectly fine. For those who didn’t know – I’ve been wearing a knee cap for more than a year now because of a knee surgery in which 20 percent of my actual knee cap was sawed off.


6 thoughts on “Goodbye, dear friend…

  1. Yeah… some friendships just have their run and then they are better left behind 😉 Cheers to more jumping, hopping, skipping, and what the heck…. dancing even!!!

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