To the loveliest girl I know.

Hang in there. I know its bloody difficult to go back and sit eight hours in a classroom and study. Especially with kids who are much younger, who drive you up the wall.   Especially if you hate Maths exactly like me. Especially if you meet condescending professors who never seem to listen to you. I know it seems like you’re like that hamster in a wheel sometimes, but I promise it only gets better. Think of all the people *hint* who would give their right arm to do what you are right now. Think of all the people *hint hint* who are mighty proud of you, for what you have achieved so far, and how much more happier they will be when you do it. Don’t give in to the despair. It is so not worth it. I know you can do it and you will. And like I said you’ll look so sexy with that graduate cap on.

Love you and mighty proud of you,



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