Two years

of missing you. No, the pain doesn’t go away. Not even one bit. The much cliched “Time heals” remains that.Cliched.

I wish I could tell you that you are much loved. That I see you in Harshitha everyday. I wish you could hear her sing. I wish  you could hear her talk. I wish you could hear her call you “Ammamma”.  I wish you could tell me that am doing a good enough job as a mother. I feel inadequate sometimes. Like something is missing. Then I remember. I don’t have you to talk to. To vent. You’d always tell me I’m right. And maybe that’s not bad. Maybe everyone needs a biased mother’s expert opinion. That her daughter rocks. No matter what. No one can ever replace you. EVER.

Love you, Amma.


2 thoughts on “Two years

  1. this is the kind of void that time can never heal… all you can do is treasure the memories and the love you shared. and know that she is watching from above…

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