A tag yet again

Yes I know- how utterly unimaginative of me. But this is an introspective one, and I really wanted to do this – so here goes..

I picked this one from Dipali– a very good friend and a blogger..

Basic rule :Every phrase needs to be completed with three answers about yourself.

I am

very confused about certain things and very very sure of some things in life.

not very materialistic. I’d much rather have peace than anything else in life. (except for my books, of course)

much more patient than I ever thought I would be.

I want

an iPad. 🙂 But seriously, another bonny baby.

to know that I am loved, every day of my life.

to eventually have a room of my own, to build a library in.

I have

a wonderful wonderful family that means everything to me.

a lovely daughter (I know she’s included in the above line, but still- I think she deserves more than one mention)

wonderful friends who have surprised me innumerable times with their generosity and whom I can never get enough of.

I wish

that my mom was around to see her granddaughter grow up ,  sing, dance and talk – she would have loved it so much…

that I had the strength to let go of certain things and certain people in my life.

that I had time to study more.

I hate

hypocrisy with a vengeance and can’t handle it at all.



I fear

that my loved ones will be taken away from me. (Don’t ask. Long story)

that I will not be a good enough mom for Harshitha.


I search

for my glasses *every* day after a bath. Yes, you’d think I’d have learnt to keep them in one place by now.

for a meaning and for a purpose for everything that happens. (Heavy, hunh?)

for Harshitha’s hand in my sleep all the time…

I wonder

if it was all worth it, sometimes.

at the childish innocence I see in my daughter

how a person can willingly do harm to another.

I regret

my teenage rebellion.

the fact that I didn’t study further

my inability to make things right for my loved ones.

I love

my family.

my dog.

my books.

my music.

I always

forget that I’ve put the milk to boil.

have chocolates around.

have to have atleast one hug a day.

I ache

for inner peace.

for my mom.

for Harshitha when I see her in pain.

I usually

never drink enough water. (Am not proud of it, though)

am in a chirpy mood.

have loads to tell you.

I am not

as thin/fit/healthy as I would like to be.

as open as people think I am.

particularly fond of the “know it all” attitude of people.

I dance

very rarely- my performances are reserved for my daughter.
in my head all the time.

only if I love the music.

I sing

old telugu songs and a rock number in the same five minutes.

lullabies all the time.

silly songs that I make up as I go to make her laugh.

I never

go to bed angry.

remember to fetch the first thing I went to the market for.

have my phone around when it’s needed.

I rarely

wear make up.

wear heels – bad knee.

take anything for granted.

I cry

when am hungry. (contrary to popular belief- I dont throw a tantrum- the tears just start rolling after I’ve reached my limit)

when I watch sappy movies.

at things beyond my control.

I am not always




I lose

my sleep over the silliest of things.

my phone all the time, that it’s not even funny anymore.

faith in humanity, sometimes.

I’m confused

by geek lingo.

by instructions on electronic equipment.

most technical things like coding, etc.

I need

as much love as I can have in this lifetime.

a huge house where I can have a dog AND  a library :).

a reality check.

I should

wake up without hitting the snooze button.

go for that walk.

stop eating Harshitha’s chocolates.

I dream

of a better tomorrow for my family.

of my mom all the time.

of having a day, all to myself 🙂


Go ahead, take it up 🙂


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