What Mommyhood has taught me – a tag


Since I love tags, and since my alltime favourite blogger The Mad Momma, who was and always is the first thing I read every morning, asked us to feel free and take it up – Here goes 🙂

The rules are simple – put up the badge, write five things that mommyhood has taught you, and tag five bloggers 🙂 Since everyone I know has already done this, am skipping the tagging part. Here are my five things :


1. Patience– I always thought that I had patience. That I was a happy go lucky person. That I could handle tantrums. That is, until I had to explain for the hundredth time why the child has to go to bed now, or why there is no such thing as a chocolate dosa , or why she has to eat her veggies. Its not that am a saint now, but I have learnt or am trying to learn to deal with this, one tantrum at a time :).


2. Letting go of sleep – Or how to manage with short two – three hourly naps all night. Harshitha was like a nocturnal animal- bright eyed and cheery all night, and sleepy during the day. Although she’d never cry, she’d want us to stay awake and watch her antics while she sucked on her thumb or pointed at some random thing on the ceiling. She’d go to sleep sometime around four in the morning, while my mother in law and I took turns keeping a watch over her.  I remember a friend of mine telling me how her son would only go to sleep after the milkman rang the bell. I felt so much better 🙂 Thankully *anti-jinx* Harshitha sleeps at a relatively regular time, but am always on tenterhooks while around her when she’s asleep because she’s such a light sleeper.

3. The ability to multi task –  And be good at it :). Whether it is singing to her while am reading a  book (Yes , I am somehow able to manage that) or making her lunch and working and doing hazaar other things, motherhood has taught me how to manage my time and somehow squeeze in some “me-time” too 🙂

4.  To love myself – I have learnt that it doesn’t really matter how fat I am, and what has happened to my knee or other superficial things that I measured myself by. I’ve learnt that at the end of the day, everything including the stretch marks, were for a bigger cause, and like a friend said- they are my badges or honor. And there is no way I’d want my old body back now.  All I have to do is take a look at Harshitha, and I think its all completely worth it.

5. To start looking at things differently- From looking at a chair and imagining it to be the car that Harshitha claims it is, and from thinking of my cold or a repetitive sinus – and going “Why me? ” to thinking – “Oh God, please don’t let my child get this” there have been a lot of things that have changed. Mommyhood has given me a completely new perspective on things, and I thank God for this opportunity of experiencing something this pure and unadulterated.

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