Yes, back to Hyderabad! Am thrilled and saddened at the same time- Thrilled because I’ll be moving back into our own house, without having to worry about the overhead tank overflowing in the morning, about the watchman being a pain, about assorted things like milk, laundry and other stuff on a daily basis. Not that I’ll not have responsibilities, but now that am once again moving back with my inlaws- they will be shared and best of all, it’s back with family. P’s gotten an offer with a nice company and it thrills me to see him succeed 🙂

I’ll be sad because of all the people I’ll be missing. Meera, Lavanya- I wish I had spent more time with you and with the babies (I know they are no longer babies, but still :)) I’ll miss the beach, the trips to Pondy/Mahabs, I’ll miss the office and I’ll miss the filter kaapi. But one thing I’ll not be missing is the mind-numbing heat and the humidity..

Posting will be a little scarce because of mundane tasks like packing, (kill me , kill me now)  reorganising, sellling of stuff that is not needed and of course the unpacking. I keep telling people – we have nothing much really, but when I took a tour of the house and started counting stuff, it almost shocked me to see how much we have accumulated in just over a year..

So bear with me until then, and if you see me around, do come by and drop me a hug. That helps. Almost every time 🙂 Till then, Au revoir, ciao, and all that 🙂 Be good, and miss me , okay ?


2 thoughts on “Moving..

  1. Dear, we are always around, remember?you have our numbers, call us anytime you feel. be good and give hugs to harshita for us, ok?

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