1.Am thankful for the nephew who’s visiting.

2. Am also thankful for the much needed random nonsense talk that keeps happening, because of the nephew.

3.  Am thankful that the husband is away from the bloody heat at a hill station and having a weekend off. (It’s an official manager offsite, or so am told, so what choice do I have anyway. Also, am hoping to guilt trip him into taking me out for a weekend. Yes, I AM that mean 🙂 )

4. Am thankful for a daughter who is super cute, and who keeps telling me- “It’s ok, Amma” when she sees me cry. ( She’s not well, and there’s a pukefest going on at home, which I won’t be going into the details of.)

5. Am thankful for idlis. And filter coffee.


2 thoughts on “Thankful..

  1. Tough times don’t last, tough people do! my dad always told that to me.
    I hope Chinni feels better soon. Love you!

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