And am back :)

So things have more or less settled down, in my head, and otherwise too. Life is going to be a little different now, what with regular work timings and a long commute, but am glad about this change, and it could’nt have come  at a better time.  I am thankful for the One up there looking out for me, and for friends and family who helped me keep a sane head. I promised Lucid I’d start blogging again on Monday, but better late than never, right 😉 ?

In other news, we attended a wedding in Hyderabad where I realised my daughter is much more of a lady than I am. She carried off the “pavadai” and hazaar other things with much better ease and insisted on “matching- matching” everything. While all I wanted to do was curl up and sleep. In my defense, I had a bad throat infection and lost my voice completely and could barely talk…And for people who know me, you know how difficult that is! Surprisingly, I found my voice as soon as the train entered Tamil Nadu.

So, what have you guys been upto?


2 thoughts on “And am back :)

  1. Welcome Back!

    What can I say? Better late than never is right. 🙂

    Throat Infection? —> You’re a ‘Gappu’ through and through and a little thing like that wouldn’t have stopped you 😛

    All in all, good to see you back with your head screwed on straight.

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