Celebrity spottings and similar happenings…

So, we went to see No One Killed Jessica last weekend. I loved the movie, except for the ending and the parts where the swearing looked a little too “off”.I’m not a prude ,but, you know when you hear someone swear in real life, it looks natural. But when Rani sweared, most times, it looked like she was trying too hard. Anyway, thats just me. No, I didn’t see Rani. Why would she come to a suburban mall in Chennai to see a screening of her movie anyway?

I saw or rather P, saw- Revathy. Alert : anyone who really knows me knows that I behave like a dehayti gawaar, which loosely translated, means a hillbilly, when in the proximity of *any minor form of celebrity*. I mean the giggly, “look, look!!” and loud whispering types. There have been quite a few instances of P having to give me his sternest look or having to threaten disowning me. But I digress.

Coming to the point, he came and told me in the intermission, and I kept looking over my shoulder, almost every ten minutes, much to his chagrin. I finally caught a glimpse of her, but thanks to my nearsightedness, could hardly recognise her from that distance. I know people who know celebrities, up close and personal, and am mortified to even think of running into someone when am with them and making an ass out of myself. So tell me, how do you deal with happenings like these? Do you pretend like you never notice them, but take pics on your cell phone and mail friends? Do you walk up to them with a “I’m a huge fan” smile? Or don’t you even bother? I’d llike to know…

BTW, S, when I saw your pic with SRK and heard how he addressed you as “darling”, I told everyone in the family! 😀

10 thoughts on “Celebrity spottings and similar happenings…

  1. when it comes to Revathy, you can just act like a normal person. I was once seated near her on a bus. I was nervous and made the typical annoying fan comments but we ended up having a conversation for a while. she has no celebrity complex.

    1. Yeah, I should have- I guess am too lilly livered- I saw Manish Malhotra at the Oberoi Towers in Mumbai once and was gaping at him until my friends had to drag me away!

  2. Stay calm and be normal! Dudette, when you are a celebrity yourself (seriously look at us, your fan followers(i mean it))…you need to stay calm for others to come approach you! 😡


  3. Be suave and cool, talk to them like another normal person. If they give you ‘attitude’ then they are not worth bothering with. Trust me on this. The true stars never forget because of whom they are …well… stars.

    1. Hmm, ok, “Mr.Hotshot Page three- I meet celebrities everyday.” Im not naming any names, but you’ve had the opportunity to take around models and meet WWE stars … Us lesser mortals have to make do with a chance spottting once in a blue moon 😛

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