Twin souls/ Khumbh ke mele me bhichdi behenien…

Yes, this is about you sweetie. Or should I call you “fusedkid”?

Ever heard of freaky coincidences? Of where things happen across continents that are freakishly similar? Of sentences started and left midway, because the other person typed exactly what you were thinking? Of horrible things that each one has experienced, at almost the same time in life?  Of times that all you needed to do was say “Hi” and the other person knew you were in trouble. Well , that is us. We are both Pisceans, and so similar that even random quizzes we take, without looking at each others’ answers, start looking like photocopies. She knows what ticks me off, and she knows how emotional I can be at the silliest of times.  I mean who else would understand why I *have* to have a chocolate walnut brownie *right* now?

This girl lives in Vegas of all places and yet is more in tune with what is happening in my life than most people who are in town. She has a lovely little daughter, just like I do, who looks similar to mine too. How freaky is that?

Babe, you have seen me through my toughest times, and we’ve laughed together at the silliest of jokes. You get me like no one else can. You make me want to believe in me more than anyone else ever could. I love you babe, and when I visit, you better take me to the strip, you hear? Yes, I know how much you hate it – but still.

It feels like I’ve known you forever. For emergency phone calls to random silly jokes….Thank you for being there, honey.

And Lucid- introducing the two of us was the best gift you’ve ever given me.


7 thoughts on “Twin souls/ Khumbh ke mele me bhichdi behenien…

  1. feeling is totally mutual! I wonder what it would be like to live in same city and be the BFF’s, going out for shopping (me bags and u books, the only time we are different in choices) with pink cosmopolitan drinks! 😉

    Love you, wish we would have met before. **Hugs**

    Lucid – Thank you for introducing us, we both owe u for that! xoxoxo

  2. I am here only. And as for spamming my FB Page…. “I hate you guys” … As for introducing you two … all I can say is … when I do something stupid, I do so spectacularly.

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