Missing you

Missing you has become a daily ritual now. Almost like my morning cup of tea. I miss your random hugs and your impromptu funny things. I miss running to you when I was down. I miss bitching to you about inconsequential things. I miss you telling me I was beautiful and my eyes were the most beautiful ever. I miss waving off your compliments, thinking you were biased. I miss you telling me I am a good girl and will always be. I miss you calling me your little one. I miss you around me. I miss you ruffling my hair. I miss you bringing me food. I miss you coaxing me to eat that one last bite. I miss you laughing at the way I eat. I miss seeing your face before I go to sleep. I miss picking up the phone and calling you. I miss you telling me to go to sleep. I miss you not believing that I can bake. I miss you calling me. I keep looking at the phone, willing it to ring, knowing it will not. Most of all, I miss your laughter and your chuckling and that disarming smile. I miss fighting with you.

*Hugs*, ma. Be safe.


6 thoughts on “Missing you

  1. this is one of the moments where i just want to come over and hug you tight. I miss my pa and feel your pain.

    Please make sure to live happy moments with your dad and I am going to do the same and live happy moments with my mom. Time flies fast and I don’t want to lose my opportunity with loved ones.

    **hugs you tight**
    Love you sissy

  2. Oh big hugs babe! I know EXACTLY what you’re feeling. This a month full of memories for me and am dreading next month…don’t know how I’ll survive it 😦

    Hugs again, sweetie. We have to be strong. Your maa and my baba would have wanted it that way…

    But it’s so achingly tough, I know 😦

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