To a very special friend :)

A friend came to visit me in Chennai this week, just for a night, but it was super fun. The funny part is, we hadn’t seen each other in almost fifteen years and hadn’t even kept in touch. Well, we wanted to, but what with no ‘net and me being too lazy to post letters, we lost touch after a while. I did send her a letter through her mother some fourteen odd years ago and I was surprised (pleasantly) to hear she still had it.

Cut to the present, she found me on Facebook and we started talking like it was only yesterday that we’d seen each other. She had some work in town and I said I’d kill her if she’d stay somewhere else.Β  I spoke to her mother too, and it was like going back in time. I often would drop in at wierd times to their house and was never sent back home without a full stomach. She’d make awesome rasam and would coax me to drink milk by adding just a couple of drops of filter coffee decoction in it. She’d say it was coffee and I’d drink off a whole tumbler full happily πŸ™‚

Harshitha, as usual, with some intuition which tunes her in to my favorite people,Β  warmed up to her in a minute and wanted to be fed, bathed, and all only by “Atha”… I still wonder how we managed to carry on an entire night without any pauses in conversation, and how we finished each other’s sentences. Each “remember when” was followed by a unanimous sigh and a tear, wiped queitly off, before the other really caught on. P was completely ignored after the initial introductions and before you blame me, I had fourteen years of catching up to do!

I was down in the dumps for a while about certain friendships gone wrong, which made me wonder if it was even worth investing myself emotionally. It is times like these that restore my faith in love and friendship. And also drive home the fact that there are people in this world who have loved me and will continue to, no matter how much gap there is between each chat. And that we will always be able to pick up where we left off, be it fourteen years or fourteen days.Β  Touchwood.

12 thoughts on “To a very special friend :)

  1. As mentioned by my friend earlier it was an amazing visit… Especially when you have a tiny tot who is loves you instantly. A feeling never felt before was felt, something which happens when we a meet a long lost friend i trust… Especially that friend who was once a very close one and who suddenly lost from all contacts..

    Its still a surprise to find a long lost friend who is happily married and has a “Daughter”…

  2. God is watching over you and is sending his messengers to give you hugs and happy times. You are absolutely loved always by so many people …you dont even realize sometimes πŸ™‚

    Glad you had good time and more important the fact you got in touch with old friend is such an awesome thing!


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