Fiction XVII

They are on the phone, talking for almost six hours straight, neither of them wanting to hang up.

“I really really want this to work out” she says “I can’t imagine living a day without you in it”

“So do I, ma.” He sighs. “You know the road ahead is not going to be easy, right? I don’t want to put you through any more of this.”

“You’re smoking, aren’t you?” she says.

“How’d you know?”

“Well,  I can almost picture you puffing it. I can also hear you smile and see the twinkle in your eye”


“There you go. You just smiled didn’t you?”

“Got me there”

“Don’t you have to go to sleep? or eat or something?”

“I can’t really concentrate on anything tonight.”

“Neither can I. Can you talk to them one last time? Please? One last shot, and if it doesn’t work this time, we can call it quits. For good.”

“Okay. You do realize that it is past one in the night, don’t you”

“Yes. I know how ridiculous this sounds. I know how scared you are. But am scared too, ma. More than ever been my entire life. But whatever happens, let’s not regret anything. Promise?”

“OK. I’ll call you back. ”

Minutes tick by. After what seems like  a lifetime, the phone rings. It’s him.

“OK, Is this goodbye, then?”

“They said yes.”

“You mean they actually agreed?”

“Yes, welcome to the family.”

“GOD ! OH MY GOD” She jumps up on the bed. Which leads to her parents peeking in.

“They said yes” she whispers. And her mother slowly wipes away the tears from her eyes.

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