I miss you Amma…

Today, more than ever. Not a day goes by when I don’t. But its just been overwhelming. I mean you know me. You know how tempestous my anger is. You know how sad I can get. You know when am about to throw the phone at the wall, you used to say “No”. No one else would even know what we were smiling about. I’d tell you everything from crushes to fights to bunking classes.

Remember the time the principal called to tell you about the movie I bunked and went to? God! And I’ll never ever forget how you calmly replied saying you knew. My friends were so jealous about that!

I miss all that nonsense Amma. I miss you ordering Pizza for me with extra cheese. I miss the “love yous”. I miss the random hugs. Most of all, I miss picking the phone up and dialling you. I feel your presence around me though. It does calm me down. But I’d much rather have you around. I know am asking for too much. But can you please send me a sign that things will be okay? Kuch bhi chalega. I just need to know, eventually, it will all get better. Ask Him to shower a couple of blessings too na?

Love you, Amma. There are a gazillion things that I’d still want to write to you about but later maybe?

Till then take care.


PS. I made idlis, from scratch today. And thought of you.

4 thoughts on “I miss you Amma…

  1. I love you lil sis! I wish I was there to hug you tight… everything will be okay eventually. Your mom is around saying the same thing, just try to listen hard and you will.


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