Thank you, Sweetheart…

For being there for me. For putting up with my crankiness. For taking things I say with a pinch of salt. For hugging me when you I know am missing Amma. For knowing when am just about to cry and saying something stupid at the moment the tears are going to start. For knowing me like I know myself. Sometimes much better than I know myself. For believing in me. Again, for believing in me when I’ve lost belief in myself. For restoring the faith that I keep losing. For knowing when to listen. For knowing when to ignore me.For holding my hand when am faltering. For telling me to shut up. For telling me to talk. For telling me like it is. For telling me off. For unconditional love. For zero expectations. For the silence. For the chatter. For the impromptu PJs. For never letting me lose faith in myself. For hope. For comfort. For you. Thank you. I will always owe you one…


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