Fiction XIII

“You are so exasperating!” she yells.

“And you are *insert gibberish word that ends in ‘balistic’ here* he calmly replies. Poker faced at that.

“Whaa?! That isn’t even a word!

“Neither is yours.”

“It is too! Exasperating – To make very angry or impatient; annoy greatly.  What does yours mean? Hunh? Hunh!?”


“Telllllll! What does your word mean?

Silence again.

“Oh I know.” she says. “It means sweet, cute and adorable, no?”

“No, it means the exact opposite.”

And her heart melts into a puddle. Just like the time she got all mushy after he told her she looked like a poodle after washing her hair. She grins happily.

“Sigh. It was an insult. Not a compliment. Wimmin!”


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