Fiction XII

“Can you do me a favor?” he asks.

“Hug you? / Kiss you?/Walk until the edge of earth to bring back something?” she wants to ask. But she say says “Sure” instead.

“Can you give me a wake up call around ten tomorrow morning?”

“TEN?! On a Saturday?! You?! Is the world coming to an end ?”

“No, actually there’s this friend I am supposed to take out for lunch. I promised her.”

“And you have to wake up at ten because you’ll be making sure the restaurant is spick and span and ready for her?!”

“No, I have to go to the bank to withdraw cash.”

“Which century are you living in? Can’t you swipe your card?”

“No, I cut up all my previous ones and have gone back to my old bank which doesn’t issue cards.”

“Fine. ”  She rolls her eyes. “I’ll wake you up.”

Next morning, after some thirty rings – 

Grunt. Exasperated tone “Yes?!”

“You asked for a wake up call. I take my job very seriously. You woke up na?” she giggles.


“Fine. Bye.”

Five mins later, her phone rings.

You are calling me back? Are you OK?! What did I do to have this honour bestowed upon me?”

“I’ve never woken up this early in my life. I thought I might as well  talk to you for five minutes before I get ready.”

“Wow! Thank you.”

Two minutes later…

“Are those five minutes up yet?”

*Sigh*  “Am I really that boring to talk to?”

“I won’t bite. Don’t even go there.”


“You were going down that fake self pity lane and using that to get five more minutes out of this conversation.”

“Sigh. How do you know me so well?”

“Err. because I do.


6 thoughts on “Fiction XII

  1. not sure where this is heading… or if ur even planning for it to head any way, but love these moments you describe. its just gut-wrenchingly poignant with its sense of sweet yet star-crossed love! or maybe its just my pessimistic mind getting ahead of me 😀
    loving it!
    PS – sorry, but i have to say i preferred ur earlier blog template. this seems too dark and kinda unfriendly 😦

      1. lol! thanks ya soul-sister … much better now, and easier on the eye 🙂
        as for the same thought process – just to let you know, if you are planning on killing one of them, I did not watch QSQT my entire life coz i knew the hero-heroine die! so there… ur forewarned!
        however, i can live with separation and break-up and all that… im quite tough that way 😛

  2. Aahh… we are good then. Also, just to reiterate… its not just the proceedings i like; i love the way ur writing it. You have an amazing flair for the language, and for the emotions you so effortlessly describe 🙂 its real good stuff!

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