A post that is a couple of weeks late

Happy Second Birthday Sweetheart.

I know this comes a bit late, but then, I have no excuses, except for the denial that my baby’s all grown up into a toddler now. The cherubic grin has been replaced by a dazzling smile, teeth et al. And the hands now grip my hand while walking down the road. You pause to say “It’s Ok, Amma” and lead me down the road, when I pause a second or two too much, after a vehicle’s whizzed by. Since when have you taken over the wheel honey? You are still yet a child. You still have loads of time to grow up.

It sounds cliched, but it did seem like yesterday that I asked the nurse “Boy or Girl” and grinned from ear to ear after hearing her reply. I zoned out a minute later to see Abhishek Bachchan next to my doctor, but that’s another story.

Anyway, you were such a tiny tiny baby, so fragile I was scared to even hold you to my heart. Now you’re all grown up and squeal when I squish you. God! I still can’t believe you take my breath away, every single day. Let that innocence remain for a little longer. Don’t grow up. Stay just as you are, pretty please, so I may savor every memory, every mispronounced word and every babyish gesture.

I have loads more to tell you but the words right now seem to overpower my emotions too much. Will write you more letters, which you’ll hopefully cherish too.




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