Fiction VIII

“Don’t ever lie to me ever again.” she says. “There are only two kinds of people I hate. Liars and hypocrites.”

“I didn’t.” he replies.

“STFU. I know you did. You know you did. When you lie to me and I figure out the truth later, it makes me feel like an idiot. Like you think I am one. ”


She puts her head down on the pillow. And stares at him. Trying to look at him with contempt. Willing herself to not smile. Or talk.

“When am angry, I fight. When am really angry, I don’t say a word. I’m not talking to you anymore. I swear.” she says.

“Really? Thank God !”

“Stop trying to make me smile. I am not going to.”

Minutes slowly tick away. She doesn’t open her mouth. Or smile. Or react to the dozens of PJs he’s throwing at her. She’s poker faced. And silent. Which is a first, since he’s known her.

Finally, he smiles, the infamous disarming smile. She melts into a puddle. And grins right back.

“There should be a restriction for using your smile against me when am angry. How do you expect me to remain angry when  you are smiling at me?”

“Don’t fall for it…”

“But I already have, long ago. Hook, line and sinker. You have me forever enslaved to that smile.”

“Sigh.. he says “what am I going to do with you…?” he laughs.  Holding her face in his hands as he proceeds to kiss her tears away.


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