Love is…

watching your daughter imitate your best friend. And follow him like a puppy. Everywhere he goes. It still gives me goosebumps to think of it. My daughter! I’d always known she’d know my taste in people and behave like me. But watching her this weekend was absolutely amazing.

We’d gone to Bangalore this weekend. And I got to experience unadulterated love, from a friend and from people I’d not even known of before. Am overwhelmed. To the point of tears flowing down. And am thankful. For having someone understand and know when to listen to me and know when to ignore.  For having restored my faith in people. For that person just being. For just being there. For feeding a hungry soul. Without any reason to. For helping. And also for taking my case when I needed a laugh. For talking. About relative nonsense. And for not including me in conversations. And making sure I knew I wasn’t included. For the hugs. For the laughter and the tears, I will always owe you one. Saying thank you isn’t enough and seems very very insignificant. But still. Thank you. For being you. And for that promise. It means the whole world to me.

And apart from V, there are a few other people who need to be mentioned. I don’t know if they will ever read this. But still. Let me start with S – Thank you for making me laugh so much that tears came flowing and my stomach started hurting. You have a lovely lovely sense of humour. Thank you also for pampering me. It felt great to be like a 12 year old all over again.

For J- Thank you for opening your home and your heart to us. You have a lovely place and we did feel like home in it. Thank you for drinking that godawful coffee and not saying a word. And sorry that I couldn’t make anything except Maggi. Next time, full three course meal 🙂

For A- You are such a lovely, lovely girl that I’ve fallen in love with your smile. Thank you for everything. I only regret not having spent more time with you and getting to know you better. But as V says “we ain’t dying tomorrow” so hopefully, the next time, we’ll get to talk a little more.

PS. The tshirts are with us and am going to bring them back washed and ironed 🙂


2 thoughts on “Love is…

  1. … as Karan Johar always say.. Its all about loving some one and getting loved by some one…. some friends are best coz.. u always know that u can borrow their shoulders on a bad day to hang on u r head and relax…

    Good to read that u have friends like A J V And S… !!! 🙂

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