Again – an old post, but with updated answers…

So here’s some survey thing that I answered 5 years ago. Let’s see how many answers are still right πŸ™‚

The new answers are the ones in bold…

I am…: me.Β  but NOT whatever you say I am (The answer is still the same)
Maybe I should….: think first and speak later ( I hardly think before I speak even now )
I love….: You – my darling Kanna, and also any one who chooses to be in my close proximity (Let’s add Harshitha here :-))
I don’t understand….: life ….( I haven’t figured it out yet)
I lost my….: my brains whenΒ  I fell in love!!! ( I still stand by that statement)
My boyfreind is….: my fiancee is my husband after june 8th 2006, yaay! !(Almost five years down the lane, and he still is my husband πŸ˜‰ )
People say I’m…: CRAZY (It doesn’t change , sadly?)
Love is….: not always a bed of roses , but is sure worth a coupla thorns ( still holds good)
Somewhere, someone is….: waiting for me to call and wake him /her up …yes , i am the “official “wake up caller of my friends group..whyΒ  ?? you work the graveyard shift and see whether u can get up on time ( There’s only one someone I call to wake up, and he knows who he is :P)
I will always…: love and cherish people … ( doesn’t change)
Forever is….: FOREVER!! (Like, duh!)
I never want to…: live a single moment without knowing there is a person who loves me for what I am.. (still holds good)
I think the current President is….: no comments ( no comments :D)
When I wake up in the morning, I….: lay around for ten minutes wishing it wasnt morning yet!!(I still do, but I have a 2 year old brat who reminds me to rise and shine, now)
Life is full of…: happiness, but you gotta know where to find it (True, even now)
My past is incredibly…: stupid, crazy, impulsive, sometimes very …but if I had to relive it I’d do it all the same way !!( I’d still do it the same way)
I get annoyed when…: someone lies to me, or someone mistreats another person/animal .. (True, even now)
Parties are for…: partying ,what else ? ( Definitely NOT for me )
I wish…: I could be with my loved ones all the time ( I still do)
My dog/cat is….: amazingly cute (she still is)
Kisses are the worst when…: when someone else is looking (Err.. πŸ™‚
Nice….: Kanna (Harshitha also)
Tommorrow I’m going to…: clean my cupboard, i promise u Dad , I WILL!! (This definitely changes. I run a whole household now and its almost clean all the time )
I really want some….: ice tea ( Sleep)
I have low tolerance for people who….: lie, cheat ,or illtreat women (Same)
If I had a million dollars…: I would buy a cute little house by the sea..with a small sweet garden , a nice library all for myself and give the rest of the money to my darling fiance to do whatever he wants.. ( The answer is the same except for the fact that he’s my husband now πŸ˜‰ )

Now that I look back, I haven’t really changed that much. A good thing, no?


5 thoughts on “Again – an old post, but with updated answers…

  1. I think its always a good thing if you haven’t changed much…. unless its for the better of course πŸ˜€ Keeps you feeling young, reliving what u felt a few years ago πŸ˜‰

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