Anger Management. Or the lack of it.

For those who know me personally, you know how I am when am angry. You’ve seen me break things, including my wrist, amongst other things,  when am angry. You’ve seen the most sarcastic of replies shoot out. You’ve seen the waterworks flow. You’ve seen the psycho paranoid side of me. And you know how to deal with it. Because if you didn’t, you would’nt be here :-).

But seriously, I am not someone who’ll bottle up her anger, be passive aggressive or play mind games when am angry. I need confrontation. I want attention. And I want it NOW. I’ll piss you off even more if I don’t get it. And I’ll go to any lengths to make sure I do. I might even make you hate me a little. Or make you want to murder me. But that’s me. I’d rather have the fight, get it out in the open, be done with it and move on. But  all said and done, I do make it up to that person. I sometimes go to various lengths to make it up to people, even when it’s not my fault. I have absolutely no regrets though. Because it was my choice. But what does one do when the other person doesn’t want to fight ? When they continue living life as if nothing happened? And be calm about it? I want to go ruffle up that person’s mind and make that person stoop down to my level and fight. Is this wrong?


8 thoughts on “Anger Management. Or the lack of it.

  1. well, umm, u know, i do this only with two specific people. the rest dont come even close to that. two people who i want to go and ruffle up and make them stoop to my level and fight it out. because frankly, all i am doing is grabbing full total dedicated attention. aah. sucks.

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