Ten random unknkown facts about me.

This is something I wrote almost five years ago, but nothing has changed since then , so pasting it here again 🙂

Ten random unknown facts about me…

1.I hate people calling/telling me that I am a kid. (if you meant it in a cute, sweet way, fine…but if its in the “you don’t know that you are talking about kinda way, then boy!! you don’t wanna talk to me for at least 10 days…!!)

2.I learnt the Salsa for a couple of months, and later gave it up because it needed a partner to practice it with. (Edited to add: Sadly, I wasn’t dating P, then)

3.I love waking up to a good cup of tea, especially after an afternoon nap. But it has to be made my way. Two spoons of sugar. Some ginger, and loads of milk.

4.I love not having ANYTHNG to do on a Sunday morning….(seriously, I do not do A THING on a Sunday)

5.I was  very very naughty and extremely untamable as a kid. I once put kittens in the refrigerator because it was too hot outside. My dad did rescue them, though.

6.I wanted to be a doctor.

7.I listen to Lata Mangeshkar/Kishore kumar and Metallica in the same fifteen minutes..

8.I love eating idlis with loads of ghee. Piping hot. I can have idlis for lunch AND dinner too.

9.I am a hopeless, hopeless romantic, and always look at life and love with rose tinted glasses. Keep losing them from time to time, but then find them, ALWAYS!!

10.I can be a real pain in the you know what and a darling in the same 5 minutes.


2 thoughts on “Ten random unknkown facts about me.

  1. love this post, girl!! 🙂 jus wish we had known each other more as kids…. i think we would have really hit it off! lol! points 4 and 9? me too! 😀

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