An ode to a wonderful friend…

You know I’m talking about you, right? Yes, you. You with the goofy cute smile and that sweet nose. You, who knows EXACTLY what to say to make me smile when am down. And exactly what to say to get those tears to start brimming. You take care of me when am down, pull my leg to eternity when am bouncing off walls. You indulge me when am a brat. You pamper me when I’m missing family. You hug me when I’m back, even though it’s been like a minute when I saw you last. You make me almost as happy as Harshitha does. And that, sweetie, is a big compliment. You have seen me through the worst, laughed with me at the stupid stupid jokes I keep coming up with.  You’ve seen me sob my heart out. You have seen me laugh till the tears come. You make the saddest of days seem better just by being yourself. You’re one person I can say almost anything to, and get away with. You know when am wallowing in self-pity and say that to my face.  And have no qualms about saying it either. You care a rat’s ass about what the world thinks of me. You tell me am worth much more than that.  You are my sounding board, my well of truth, my bestest friend. For this and so much more, thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

P.S. You do owe me a chocolate bar. I haven’t forgotten about that.

P.P.S. I will take care of you. Anytime you need me, just say the word. I’ll be there, for you too, just like you are there for me. Love ya, hun!


4 thoughts on “An ode to a wonderful friend…

  1. Wow, that was wonderful! So profound and meaningful, almost can cause tears to my eyes.

    Best of luck with everything…

    Jerry (In New York City)

    1. Jerry, thank you. It was written for a very special person. I hope I could put what I wanted to say in the best way possible. Of course I remember you! You dont have to tell me where you’re from. You’ve been very kind!

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