Almost 4 years…

It’s been almost four years since we’ve been married. Seems surreal to me, though. I mean I can’t even believe we’ve been married that long, leave alone the fact that we have a gorgeous daughter, to add. I sometimes look back and wonder how life was before I was married to you, P. And laugh at the immaturity and the impulsiveness. Don’t get me wrong, I know I still am that geeky kid, but somewhere, a little part of me, has grown up. And how! And I’ve seen the difference in you too. From wanting to go out to party every night, to wanting to just sit at home with your two girls. From random impulsive shopping to weighing hazaar options before we buy stuff. From cat fights over the TV remote to (relatively) normal ones.

It still feels like yesterday that we were walking down the beach in Vizag, contemplating the future. I know you don’t like expressing your feelings too much. But I see how much you care when you make sure my wallet is never empty. When you make sure I have eaten, before you do. When you leave the dal makhani that you so love, for me, because you know I was going to finish it. When you bring back katti rolls from Spencers, even when you go just to buy some milk, because you know how much I crave them. When you call while watching soppy romantic movies, when you are away on those long business trips.  Remember “Rab ne bana di jodi” ?

It’s been a great ride, baby. Here’s to many many more years of fun. Love you.

And yeah..Happy Anniversary 20 days in advance.


2 thoughts on “Almost 4 years…

  1. dont tell me anna even keeps track of SRK movies… btw happy anniversary in 20 days advance 2 both of u.

    Love u both

    1. Lol, Deepi. Yes he does. Don’t tell him though. He’ll stop. He called me during the movie, and gurtostunna ani cheppadu. Thank you so much. Love you too!

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