Milk hates me

No, you didn’t read that ulta. No, I didn’t mean I hate milk.  I think milk hates me. And I think it’s part of a conspiracy. I mean why else would it boil over ALMOST every single time I boil it? It looks at me, taunts me when I stand near the stove, waiting for it to come to a boil, so I can do the rest of my work in peace after shutting it off. But no, it doesn’t. So I walk away, just for a teeny weeny second. And it boils over, all over the newly washed counter top.  And someone – read P – comes over and asks, very sweetly, did you just leave milk to boil? The worst part is the sweetness. I know then that it did boil over, AGAIN.


3 thoughts on “Milk hates me

  1. Can i pls say this post is about me?? Like really. ‘Milk hates me’ totally defines my relationship with milk too. Its insane. EVERY single time the milk boils over. Ok, i admit 90% of the time I jus forget I have left it on the stove, but the point is it never happens when I’m cooking. Only when I’m boiling milk i get these amnesia attacks. Without fail. Like last night too… The milk had boiled down to half by the time Sis realised I had done it again. Sigh!

    1. You too? Yup, same pinch. And Pawan gets so mad. He’s like you remember what we fought ago 5 years ago but not that the milk is on the stove?! Sigh…

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